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«A long transparent wall that dissects and conditions the path, becoming from time to time object, projection support, barrier, showcase, able to create that condition of being here or beyond a room, being inside being out of something. A curtain capable of generating the desire to enter out or leave in… This is the key: to bring people into an experiential density in which the condition of visitors is slowly transformed into an unconscious interpretation of the stages of madness, of its postures, its obsessive behaviours. A progressive physical assumption of the theme through the numerous interactive stations that lead you to move in a certain way, to dress the typical postures of the disease, to interpret the stigma. Until exiting, this time for real, with the emotion of a strong and immersive experience, a good memory to recognize the entry into that apparent normality of our technological daily life»

Studio Azzurro

Cencelli's library

The Alberto Cencelli Scientific Library, owned by ASL Roma 1, pertains to the UOSD Laboratorio Museo della Mente. It has a library of 9,600 volumes, located in two reading rooms.

Opening hours

Tuesday and Thursday 9.00-16.30

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9.00-13:00

Tel. + 39 06 6835.6575


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Historical archive

Since the 1980s the Archive of the former Psychiatric Hospital Santa Maria della Pietà in Rome has been the subject of initiatives aimed at its protection and enhancement:

Historical Archive Regulation

Opening hours
Monday and Tuesday 9.00-16.30

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9.00-13:00

Tel. + 39 06 6835.6583


The park

The Park of Santa Maria della Pietà hosted until 1999 the asylum of Rome, inaugurated in the headquarters of Monte Mario in 1914. Designed as a “village asylum” it occupied an area of 150 hectares with 43 buildings including 29 pavilions dedicated to hospitalization.

Remembering the future

REMEMBERING THE FUTURE is an exhibit located inside the Santa Maria della Pietà Historical Archives facility that explores the memories and stories of the place. Welcoming and accompanying the visitor in the exploration of the past is an archivist, an hologram with whom it is possible to interact by declining the story according to one’s interests. The stories evoked are traces of lives that still need to be heard in order to be revived. All stories also in English and LIS too.

This exhibit produced by Blue Cinema Tv thanks to the Regione Lazio and European Union

Bearers of stories

The exhibit placed in the Cencelli Library in preview form is a previously unseen work by Studio Azzurro : it collects testimonies from caregivers, patients and family members about the experience of mental illness and the different ways of intervening and approaching the subject of care that the Museum is planning for the continuation of its narrative journey.

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