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Museo Laboratorio della Mente

The Museo Laboratorio della Mente (Local Health Agency Roma 1 / ASL Roma 1) is a narrative museum which aims to document the history of the insane asylum institution and to develop a constant reflection on the paradigm of health/disease, alterity, social inclusion, care and cultures policy and community engagement.
The museum opened in 2000, it joins in the Regional Museum Organization of Lazio. In 2008 the Museum built a new exhibition in collaboration with Studio Azzurro.
The tour takes place in the ward N.6 of the former asylum of Rome “Santa Maria della Pietà” in an immersive and multimedia installation that involves the visitor in a continuous oscillation between real and virtual elements stimulating the active participation of the public.
The Museum is configured as an system (in which they operate alongside health professionals archives, libraries, and museums experts) integrated with innovative methods to the heritage of the Alberto Cencelli Scientific Library and the Historical Archive (documentary, audiovisual and oral sources) of the former Psychiatric Hospital Santa Maria della Pietà, on top of the scientific collection, the medical devices, the historical artifacts of the former asylum and the collection of irregular art.
The Museum is directed by the Agency Health Unit Laboratorio Museo della Mente – Department of Mental Health ASL Roma 1, institutional partner of ICOM Italia and has received the “ICOM ITALIA Award Museum of the Year 2010” in the section of relations with the public.

where we ARE

Piazza Santa Maria della Pietà, 5
00135 Rome