Research and Documentation

The Center  for Study and Research  Local Health Authority Roma E is responsible for planning the work to complete the Museo Laboratorio della Mente . The project involves the complete restoration of the building’s exterior and the restoration of the second floor, which will house the new facility being designed in collaboration with Studio Azzurro and the Department of Mental Health LHA RME.

The emphasis will be on participation and workshops, with an exhibit area dedicated to outsider art in collaboration with the forthcoming Museo dell'Arte Irregolare (MAE), a center for expression and documentation of mental health and exhibitions on mental illnesses and treatment. As soon as it is approved by LHA Roma E, the project will be presented to local, regional and national partner agencies to come up with a shared-fund raising strategy.
The action plan will be available on this site soon. The Center for Study and Research is also producing an inventory of the scientific tools used by the former Santa Maria della Pietà Psychiatric Hospital, and will catalogue its outsider art collection, which includes more than 1,000 paintings and drawings by psychiatric patients. In collaboration with the Department of Social Policies of the Province of Rome and a number of upper secondary schools in Rome and the province a program is being developed titled A portata di mano (Within Reach), with the objective of using the Internet as a tool to promote resilience and mental health. Our Center is collaborating in producing a documentary for the La Storia siamo noi (Rai Educational) directed by Gabriella Romano. It is the story of Violet Gibson, who, on 7th April 1926, made an attempt on the life of Benito Mussolini. She was interned at Santa Maria della Pietà, and later transferred to England in a mental hospital , where she died in 1956. The Center is also producing a other ducumentary for La Storia siamo noi (Rai Educational) directed by Silvia Bacci (A journey inside Italian psychiatry). We are going in with Mr. Ascanio Celestini a cooperation in the film production The Black Sheep. Funeal oration of the electrical asylum.