Historical Archives

 bibliotecaThe archives of the former Santa Maria della Pietà Psychiatric Hospital in Rome have, since the beginning of the 1980s, been the focus of initiatives for its development and improvement: Archives Office of Lazio Region has been reorganized, and documents dating from the opening of the hospital (in the 16th century) to the beginning of the 18th century have been inventoried.

With funds from the Central Office for Archival Property of the Ministry of Cultural Property and Activities, which is responsible for nongovernmental historical archives, the Archives Office of the Lazio Region and Local Health Authority Roma E, work has continued on the reorganization and inventory of the archives through 1978.

Structure of the Archives 

General Archives

•    Section A: the hospital under the old regime, 1548-1815
•    Section B: the hospital during the Restoration period, 1815-1870
•    Section C: the hospital from Italian Unification until the agreement with the province of Rome, 1870-1907
•    Section D: Provincial government: the hospital from 1907 to 1978

Health Management Archives

•    Section E: The asylum on Via della Lungara from 1850 to 1924
•    Section F: The Provincial Psychiatric Hospital from 1913 to 1978 

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Government and health documents from 1978 until the hospital was closed are still catalogued according to the old method while awaiting the expansion of the aforementioned reorganization and inventory activity to this final period.
The Central Office for Archival Property of the Ministry of Cultural Property and Activities has also launched a project called Carte da legare (Papers to tie)  with the objective of creating a national computerized system to preserve clinical papers of the past from former Italian psychiatric hospitals. Currently, the clinical papers are being electronically catalogued and will soon be available for online use.

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